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Pre Start Inspection

1.    General appearance of forklift externally
2.    General condition of engine bay
3.    Regular parking area level or on an incline or slope
4.    General work area condition dry, wet , slippery etc
5.    Are the loading weights within the forklifts safe working loads
6.    Are the drivers qualified
7.    Are the drivers familiar with the safety procedures
8.    Floor--clear of objects that could cause an accident
9.    No obstructions overhead
10.    Solid non slip step. Check non slip surfaces
11.    Firm mount  handle grip
12.    Fire extinguisher present, and charged
13.    Gas bottle condition and last inspection date
14.    Check gas bottle connection and hose fittings
15.    Function test gas bottle hold down bracket
16.    Disconnect and reconnect gas bottle
17.    Cables for exposed wires
18.    Battery plug connections not loose, worn or dirty
19.    Load test battery
20.    Battery Acid test
21.    Check Earth connection to chassis not rusted
22.    Electrolyte levels in cells
23.    Condition of battery saddle plate
24.    Condition of battery hold down bracket
25.    Inspect Radiator cap condition
26.    Inspect coolant bottle hose and condition
27.    Inspect Radiator hoses and clamp condition
28.    Inspect the condition of oil cooler hoses to radiator
29.    Inspect Radiator mounts
30.    Inspect radiator fan safety cover
31.    Radiator coolant condition and age
32.    Pressure test cooling system
33.    Check condition of gas cooling hoses and clamps
34.    Bolts, nuts, guards, chains, or hydraulic hose reels not damaged, missing or loose
35.    Fan belt condition and tension
36.    Alternator belt condition and tension
37.    Engine vent caps not clogged
38.    Oil leaks at engine,
39.    Oil leaks at transmission
40.    Oil leaks at hydraulics
41.    Oil leaks at master cylinder and wheel cylinders
42.    Oil leaks at clutch master and slave cylinder
43.    Oil leaks Mast
44.    Oil leaks in genera
45.    Check engine oil
46.    Check transmission oil level
47.    Check hydraulic oil level
48.    Check Master cylinder level
49.    Check water level
50.    Remove air cleaner and inspect
51.    Inspect intake hoses and fixtures for cracks or splits
52.    Check air intake blockage indicator
53.    Air pressure of pneumatic tires
54.    Wheels and tires not worn or damaged
55.    Collect filter identification on
56.    Engine oil filter
57.    Air filter
58.    Hydraulic filter
59.    Fuel filter primary
60.    Fuel filter secondary
61.    Transmission filter
62.    Inspect water pump tell tail hole
63.    Check throttle cable
64.    Check choke cable
65.    Check shut off cable
66.    Inspect fuse box
67.    Check counter weight hold down bolts
68.    Ignition On Check list
69.    Check drivers Checklist for Operational Pre-Use Inspection

Engine running Check List

70.    Check all safety signs and warning stickers are in position
71.    Function test seat
72.    Check seat belt
73.    Horn working and loud enough to be heard in working environment;
74.    Flashing light or warning device condition
75.    Foot brake: pedal holds, or spongy 
76.    Parking brake: holds with resistance
77.    If applicable dead man seat brake: holds when operator rises from seat
78.    Instrumentation check
79.    Oil pressure
80.    Glow plugs for diesel
81.    Charge system
82.    Water temperature
83.    Hour meter
84.    Panel elimination
85.    Head lights
86.    Rear lights
87.    Indicators
88.    Brake lights
89.    Choke cable
90.    Stop cable or stop mechanism
91.    Check rear vision mirrors for condition and adjustment tension
92.    Feel for slop in hydraulic controls,
o       Lift
o       Tilt
o       Side shift
o       Fork positioner
o       Attachment No 1
o       Attachment No 2

93.    Hose reel condition inspection,
94.    Visual only mast and cylinder inspection
95.       Apply park brake and foot brake and select forward. Check for clunk or slop in gear
            change. Repeat in reverse and check for clunk or excessive ware in differential mesh
96.       Check park brake operation
97.       Check foot brake operation
98.       Function test inching valve
99.      Check hydraulic rams and limits
100.    Check Hydraulic pump mounts and drives
101.    Inspect Hydraulic tank condition and contamination
102.    Feel for slop in hydraulic controls (under pressure),
103.    Lift action
104.    Tilt action
105.    Side shift action
106.    Fork positioner
107.    Attachment No 1
108.    Attachment No 2
109.    Extend rams check for leaks and scratched chrome ram rods
110.    Check condition of return hoses when retracting the cylinders
111.    Lift rams condition
112.    Bleed back lines
113.    Check for smooth lift and return
114.    Check carriage roller safety frame and connection bolts
115.    Check carriage roller operation
116.    Visual inspection for cracks
117.    Fork positioning latches in good working condition
118.    Carriage teeth not broken, chipped or worn
119.    Check hose reel retraction and hose
120.    Check chain adjustment  
121.    Chain anchor pins not worn, loose or bent
122.     Inspect any damp spots or drips that may indicate a leak
123.    hoses held securely, not loose, crimped, worn or rubbing
124.    Checklist for Operational Pre-Use Inspection
125.    Other warning devices operational
126.    If applicable dead man seat brake: holds when operator rises from seat
127.    Clutch and gearshift: shifts smoothly with no jumping or jerking
128.    Dash control panel: all lights and gauges operational
129.    Steering slop                           
130.    Function test for safety the reverse beeper,
131.    Inspect revision mirror
132.    Inspect flashing light           
133.    Inspect tyre ware and inflate if required           
134.    Inspect pedal rubber ware                           
135.    Inspect condition of fuse box
136.    Function test gear shift

And much more depending on the type and condition of the forklift being inspected.

If you are thinking of buying a forklift or just need a safety check we can offer
you a complete mobile inspection that will give you the true condition of the equipment.
This service covers aproximately138 inspections and checks covering the complete forklift.
We can go direct to the Auction yard or the vendor for you and each Inspection will come a full Report.